Mardent’s Managing Director Micka Mania can talk underwater! Her charismatic and passionate style of presenting can bring your next event or conference a session of learning combined with laughter, that will have attendees leaving with great ideas and a smile on their face!

July 2018 – June 2019 Topics Available

In this session Micka discusses the benefits of a millennial workforce and the ways older generations should adapt their management styles. The session focuses on arming participants with tangible tools to improve the output, productivity & culture of millennials in the workplace.

In this session Micka provides an insight into the learned skills she has developed over the years, that afforded her extremely high efficiencies both in her own work and those of her teams & related processes. A prominent focus of the session is understanding the effects of stress within the workplace.

This is not your traditional Social Media Session, but rather an overview into how businesses can introduce or improve their social activities through the use of automation, millennial team engagement and more.

This is the space that Micka loves to play in and nerd out, and in this session she will share with you her knowledge and how to save time finding your solution. The session covers a broad range of topics including understanding exactly what digital transformation is, to establishing a way to break it down into achievable outcomes, and through to an overview of the snazziest apps for your industry.