Project Services

Once your needs are established, our project services are ideal to get you moving faster. Projects vary in time length dependent upon your needs. Once your audit is completed, collaborativly with you Mardent can establish the best course of action for your business and the relevant priorities

Digital Transformation

From replacing a paper form with a web form, to custom business and customer web applications, our team want to help you save time and keep up with your business’ growth. We can help you define your Digital Road map to ensure your future is as innovative as possible. 

Operations Review

Effective operational management is key in any business. Without this, the opportunities can easily get lost in all the noise. We will help you identify ways to keep the noise to a minimum.

Software Sourcing & Evaluation

The variety of software on the marketing today is both exciting and daunting! Often our clients know they need a new application to save time, but can’t find the time to research all the new options. We can provide comprehensive research and evaluation, providing you with a simple report to help you decide what is best for your business.

Team Development

Employees are looking more and more for what you as an employee can offer them. Identifying & implementing development plans can be a daunting task. Today, it isn’t something you can afford to forgo, and investing in your team will inevitably benefit the business in the long run. We can help ease these processes into your operations, and even manage it for you!

ROI Evaluations

Are you wondering why the profit isn’t what you expected from the revenue? There are so many hidden costs in business, that often aren’t taken into consideration correctly. We can work with you to identify where you can increase your return on investment within your business.

Efficiency Cultivation

We all the know the saying, “No time to work on the business, because I’m too busy working in the business”. Our efficiency strategies are developed with you to allow you and your team more time to focus on what you do best. With a structured efficiency cultivated plan, you can begin to see the time you need coming back to you very quickly!

Go to Market Strategy

Time and time again products and services are developed and then left on the shelf It’s easy to do when you don’t have an inception to post sales strategy in place before you start. Whether you have a new product or service, or want to dust one off the shelf, we can help you get it out there and returning you the dollars you deserve.

Culture Development

The impact of culture in a workplace is often misunderstood. We here at Mardent believe it should be a part of everything we do, and that focusing energies in the right direction can make a significant impact to your bottom line.  

Expansion & Transformation

Time to take over the world? Or maybe just open a new location, or increase your employees? The most successful expansions and transformations occur when the entire business practices are reviewed. It doesn’t mean complete change, but consideration for each of the working parts will go a long way to a smoother journey, and allow you to realise your investments sooner.

Customer Experience Management

Our CX Management services are listed last here not for any other reason, than they are in fact a part of everything we do. Whether it be implementing a new finance system, developing a custom application or implementing new team development strategies, we will continually assess the customer experience impact each time, identifying risk, threats and opportunities each of your changes provide.


At Mardent we believe in being accessible to businesses of all sizes. Don’t think these services will cost you thousands, our rates are very reasonable, for example replacing paper processes with a digital solution could cost you as little as a few hundred dollars.

Pro bono Projects

Mardent is focused on continuing to give back to the community and charities close to our heart. A set number of pro bono projects are taken on at anyone time. NFP’s are encouraged to contact us for further information.

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