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Businesses today, need Mobile Apps, Custom Development, System Integrations and more, before the required roles for successful and efficient execution have had the time to augment into their businesses.

Our experience

Our collective experience here at Mardent encompasses Development, Financial Management, Operational Management, People & Culture. It is the unique combination of our business expertise combined with a long-standing relationship with our development partners that allows us to offer such a unique solution.  We want you to succeed, going around in circles isn’t good for anyone, unless you are a merry-go-round horse, so reach out today and let us help you map out the most efficient roadmap with the best outcomes.

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

When looking to implement new software or develop an application to suit your business, the first place to start is with a Product Requirements Document (PRD). You may already have a dev partner in mind, but don’t really know what they need from you or they don’t seem to be understanding your needs? For a developer to give you the most accurate timeline and price, and for you to get the best outcomes, a PRD is essential. This allows you and your dev partner to ensure you are on the same page. 

Mardent can facilitate the coordination and collaboration of all the required parties to establish your requirements, and then build these into a PRD ready for pricing assessment and the next stages of development. When purchasing a complete Go to Market Strategy from Mardent this is included in the Project Price.

This is one of Mardent’s premier services, and we absolutely love helping you solve problems. Whether you want to develop with us, in-house or with another developer, a concise PRD is essential, and we would love to help you create it.

Stakeholder Research and Business Analysis

Often a stakeholder or group of individuals in a specific space, can identify the need for a business to change its digital solutions. In other circumstances, you may not know exactly what you need to do, you just need to go mobile! Either way, we can help. We follow an intuitive yet fluid approach to defining requirements and gathering insight.

System Analysis & Integrations

If you have applications either already in place, or you are looking to introduce new systems soon, you could highly benefit from our System Analyst services. Whether it be ensuring the supplier produces their promised services, the application itself meets the specification, or the successful implementation with varied stakeholders, Mardent can help. Our knowledge of not only development, integrations and migrations, is combined with our knowledge of Onboarding, Implementation and Training to give you the complete oversight required for a successful implementation. 

Our difference

Implementing custom solutions, is not just about the tech. Sure that’s a major component but what is just as important is the entire road map of the project and its alignment with your overall strategic direction.

When setting out to develop your own solution, you can often have a myriad of ideas and it can become easy to consider them all required for your first version. Instead you need to establish what your Minimal Viable Product will look like and then roadmap the future from there. With digital solutions growing, improving and changing every day, long software development projects can often become futile.

This is exactly where we like to help.

Functional, UI & UX Design & Specifications

Measure twice, cut once as they say in the building trade, and it’s not too dissimilar with software dev. A clear, concise, tested and double-checked specification will go a long way towards supporting streamlined development, reducing of bugs and significantly reduce testing, rework & project expansion needs. Mardent specifications are highly regarding by many Aus developers and will go a long way towards increasing your project’s success

Customer Web & Mobile application Project Management

If you do not have an in-house team, don’t quite know where to get started, or just don’t have the time or resources to deal with it, then the Mardent crew are here to help. From problem identification, through to on boarding and implementation, we can look after all components of the development life cycle, allowing you to focus on the other required changes within your business in readiness for the forthcoming application

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