Helping Others

The team at Mardent is committed to helping others, especially those with needs close to our teams hearts. If you are interested in learning more, please complete the application at the end of this page. 

Community Grants Program

St Kilda Mum’s mission is to share the joy of motherhood, in partnership with support agencies, by recycling baby essentials. St Kilda Mums saves the earth’s precious resources by joining with support agencies throughout Melbourne to meet the material needs of families with young children. They collect, sort and redistribute essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys to families in need. They are entirely volunteer based and rely on donations and support to continue their work. St Kilda Mums is Mardent’s chosen charity for donations, and has commited to a regular donation each month, and regularly donates additional funds as they are available.

Grand Piano for Lego Ideas

Mardent supports a variety of community projects and not-for-profit organisations as they pursue their endeavors. This quarter’s support is for Diane Winbanks’ daughter Lauren, who despite suffering Intellectual Disabilities and Autism, has created this amazing LEGO® Grand Piano. Dianne & Lauren’s goal is to have this masterpiece created by LEGO®. Lauren is a Twin and Dianne has been instrumental in promoting advocacy for adults with Autism in Australia. Mardent is proud to be funding Dianne & Lauren for social media advertising, and social media support as a part of their community grants program. To achieve their goal, Dianne & Lauren need to get 10,000 votes to even be considered for production. You can follow Lauren’s story and vote using the options below. To apply for our community grants program, please complete the form below.

Community Grants Interest Application

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Please note community grants for direct funding are only available to Australian Businesses registered for GDR Status at this time.