Case Studies

Here is a snap shot of some of our client’s sucesses. We have chosen to keep their names confidential online, but are more than happy to provide referrals. 

Interstate Expansion

Not for Profit

The passion within a Not for Profit is rarely not seen, but this organisation was insightful enough to identify where their strengths lay and where they needed assistance. Mardent developed the required documentation, process and procedures for the organisation to then be able to scale up employees and volunteers, thus providing a platform for scaling to be driven by their passion and the work that they do, and to not be diluted by administration and operational noise. An excellent example of getting your ducks in a row! 

Managed Change

Health, Fitness & Leisure Provider

When Australia’s largest Health, Fitness & Leisure Provider chose to implement a new facility management software solution, they didn’t believe in limping it in over time, but instead ensuring a national transition within 12 months. Mardent assisted this transition by providing change management strategies, site level change implementation packages and overall strategic project advice. The new application was successfully implemented at over 100 locations with little negative impact, the largest & most successful of such a project of all time in Australia. 

Digital Innovation

Performing Arts Company

Over 10 years ago, one of Australia’s largest performing arts companies, chose to shake up the industry and introduce digital solutions long before it was the norm. Through a combined approach to operational practice, customer service procedures and legal requirements, this company was at the forefront offering online bookings, course memberships and direct debit, when most competitors will still having parents fill in a form and pay by cash or cheque. It is these streamlined processes that allowed them to grow into one of Australia’s largest Performing Arts Companies within a few years of business. 


Not just another business coach

Mardent really is like no other. Whilst we have a broad range of services, we really just want to be there to help you succeed! We pride ourselves on knowing what needs to be done and by who, and if we aren’t the right fit for you, we’ll be the first to recommend someone that is!

Are there ongoing fees?

Put simply, NO. All projects are quoted according to your business requirements. You are not required to sign up to any ongoing support unless you wish to do so!

What is included?

That really is up to you! We work with organisations that want us to develop the strategy through to getting the comms ready for their employees or customers, and others just need the strategy. You know what you can do, so we let you tell us where you would and wouldn’t like to be involved. 

Can we just get an audit?

Sure this is a very popular option for many clients in the first instance. A full day business audit includes a comprehensive report of recommendations. From there you can either implement these yourself or call on Mardent to assist. 

How do I make payment?

Mardent accepts direct deposit, direct debit from a bank account or credit card payments. Invoices are issued on a scheduled basis depending on your project statement of works.

What if we get stuck later?

We are only ever a phone call away. You will always be able to access your consultant after your project finishes, and whether you need a quick reminder or want to start something new, we are always here to help

Is software purchasing required?

Not necessarily. There is no fancy underlying system to Mardent, where we get you in promising one thing and then enticing you to purchase more. We have a range of software solutions available, and if we recommend one, it’s totally up to you if you want to proceed. Otherwise we can develop processes around the exisiting platforms you already own. 

What if we don't implement all the changes?

Well Rome wasn’t built in a day, so that’s more than fine! Sometimes changing things up quickly is good, and other times slow is better. We won’t leave you wondering, but rather we’ll leave you with recommended timeframes and then if these need to be reworked, we are only ever a phone call away!

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