Our Story

From bartered services to corporate solutions, Mardent Consulting has grown from a desire to help an associate into a consulting firm that prides itself on offering complex solutions in a simple fashion to small and large business across Oceania. Our desire continues to be to help businesses do what they do best, and to increase their profitability

My story has become a large part of Mardent Consulting. Here’s the story of how Mardent came about, and why we do what we do.

I was asked the other day what my absolute passion was and my answer;

“I love to help people save money in business and find time to spend doing more of what they love instead”

Yours in success,

Micka Mania
Managing Director


Where it all began

From a flippant comment, expecting nothing to come of it, to large corporate projects, Mardent has come a long way in it’s 11 years.

It all started when I was fortunate enough to meet a gentleman in 2007, who was looking for someone who could help setup their business and implement their software and related processes. Seizing the opportunity that lay in front of me, a partnership was soon formed and this would give life to what is now today Mardent Consulting. I have always had a desire to help others succeed, believing I was better at doing 100 things well than mastering 1! After starting work in 1994, I knew that one day I could make a difference but I really wasn’t sure just what that would be. So, after high school instead of heading off to University like my peers, I decided to arm myself with experience and set out to gather and learn as much as I could. After over 20 years doing what I call my “long term uni degree”, I moved to full time consulting. It was throughout this time, that I was fortunate enough to hold a number of positions in multiple industries, and to experience a broad variety of business strategies, successes and failures. I have personally assisted well over 500 organisations to improve their processes, efficiencies, team procedures and growth opportunities.  Throughout this time I also completed Post Graduate studies in Marketing & Business. My niche was discovered just over 10 years ago in the digital transformation space, and I have worked hard to continually improve this area in what Mardent offers today. 

My drivers

Throughout my time in the traditional workforce, I was drawn again and again into organisations that needed assistance to pivot, grow or even survive. It was throughout these journeys that I developed a love for simple and efficient processes which gave birth to my underlying passion for team culture and workplace well being. Time and time again, I saw the detrimental impact to profit, of inefficiencies and confusion within the workplace and so I set out to create a company that would be able to provide operational support and advice, but with more than just short term solutions. It was the years of working through thousands of situations that gave me the understanding of where to focus attentions first, in order to fix underlying issues. So often, we attack the problem at the symptom level, without ever taking the time to understand the root cause or address it at that level. I developed a pathway that I believe to be suitable to any small or medium business, that considers all facets of the operational requirements of an organisation. From employee on-boarding through to complex automation, I believe addressing the needs of a organisation in this order can significantly influence the ongoing success of the organisation both medium and long term.   

My passion

Over recent years, I have been heavily involved in the movement to see Mental Health recognised better within our communities. Having ADHD myself, I am well versed in understanding the impacts of particularly depression and anxiety within a workplace.On a positive note, it is in fact my ADHD that provides so many opportunities to me in business, allowing me to see the tangents in multiple directions at one time.More recently, my team and myself have been developing a program which aligns these health concerns with operational practice.When we tackle complex issues piece by piece and with simple processes we are able to identify the key components that require amendment. The impacts of inefficiencies, lack of process & redundant structure within a workplace and Mental Health are so closely tied together, that now at Mardent we are aiming to bring that into a tangible business training program. 

Our Future

It has taken nearly 40 years, but now I see what in fact I was put here to do. It is to share my mind with others, but through simple strategies that then allow business owners to capitalise on their own strengths. I always strongly believed, that particularly in service based organisations, if someone was brilliant at their particular service offering, they couldn’t also be brilliant at managing a business, and so that is where Mardent can come in to help. Through our ever growing team, we can help you identify what treasures you already have within your workforce and allow you to develop practices that can empower your workforce to do their best for you, without you losing control. Mardent’s services are not intended to embed us within your organisation as we are not focused on selling you an ongoing package, but rather we want to set you on your way to do what you do best, but know that we are always here if you need a hand. 

I believe in the power of voice, and if you would like to know more about our organisation and how we do what we do, I am always happy to discuss this further by phone, online or face to face. Just book an appointment with me, and we can discuss whether Mardent can help you grow. 


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